Neutering Animals In Merseyside (NAIM) was set up in 2010. We are a small volunteer run, non-profit organisation. We aim to target the root of the problem of so many unwanted animals in Merseyside. We offer reduced cost, affordable neutering for dogs, cats, rabbits, ferrets and guinea pigs.


NAIM was originally known as ‘Neutering Animals In Sefton’ (NAIS). We began by offering low cost neutering to animals within the borough of Sefton. Since 2010 we have gone from strength to strength and are now able to offer help to a wider area. From 2016 we are now known as ‘Neutering Animals in Merseyside’ (NAIM) and are proud to be able to help more animals and really make a difference to unwanted and abandoned animals across the whole county of Merseyside.

Why do we exist?

NAIM offers low cost, affordable neutering to animals across Merseyside. Our county has one of the highest rates of unwanted, stray and abandoned dogs within the whole country. Animal rescues are bursting at the seams. They are always full to capacity and have long waiting lists with hundreds of dogs , all needing a kennel space awaiting to be re-homed and yet still the number of dogs continues to grow as more puppies are born. This results in many rescues/dog pounds and vets destroying healthy dogs to make space for more. Every year around 30,000 dogs are put to sleep as there are not enough homes for them all. Yet people continue to breed and add to this already unmanageable problem.

Figures on bull breed dogs alone (Staffys, Staffy Crosses, American Bull Dogs, etc) show that one Staffy/Staffy Cross is put to sleep every hour in the UK and 40% do not make it past their 4th birthday.

There are no figures for how many unwanted cats, rabbits, ferrets, etc are abandoned and/or put to sleep each year. We believe these figures would potentially be higher than that of dogs.

The heartbreaking discovery of these distressing figures led to the creation of NAIM.

For as long as an animal is unneutered there is the possibility they can breed. Whether male of female and even if you do not intend to breed your pet, accidents frequently happen. Hence the number of unwanted animals.

We urge everybody to neuter their pets. If you cannot afford the price quoted to you by your own vet then phone us, we will help! Together we will get to the root of the problem of so many unwanted animals. Our message is loud and clear: Neuter, neuter, neuter!

Be a part of the solution and not the problem

FAQs and myths

Don’t animals need to experience being a mother first?

No they don’t! Animals are not like humans; many animals find having a litter extremely stressful. They often don’t understand what is going on and can become stressed and traumatised by the experience. This argument is putting human thoughts onto the animal in question when the two are completely different. If every female cat, dog, rabbit, ferret, etc was allowed to experience motherhood there would be an unsustainable rise in numbers and the avoidable tragedy of unwanted animals and destruction of healthy animals would increase greatly.

Do female dogs need to have a season before neutering?

This usually depends on the individual vets opinion. All of the vets we use believe that the operation is simpler and quicker if the dog has not had a season.

Do female animals need one litter before neutering?

No they don’t! There is absolutely no evidence to support this. Neutering is a simpler, quicker operation if the animal has not had a litter. By having a litter you are just adding to an already unmanageable problem of so many unwanted animals.

Isn’t it cruel to take a males manhood away?

This is a statement we usually hear from men about their male dog! It is not cruel to neuter a male animal. Animals do not think the same way as humans and don’t understand the urges driven by their testosterone: humans can process and control theirs. Animals can in many cases become driven by their testosterone and develop ‘wander lust’. Dogs in particular can smell a bitch in season from 3 miles away and many can escape or run away to find a mate. With no way to fulfil their urges, male dogs can become frustrated resulting in them acting grumpily with people and other dogs. This can all be solved by neutering! It is not cruel to take your animals ‘manhood’ away. Instead you are helping your four legged friend feel more content within their self; less tense and relaxed. Male dogs, cats and other small animals are also less likely to get into fights!

My dog has a nice temperament so should they have a litter?

There is no shortage of dogs! We do not need any more litters adding to an already unmanageable problem of too many dogs and not enough homes no matter how nice an individual animal is! Rescue centres are bursting at the seams with ‘nice dogs’ and many of these are sadly destroyed if they fail to find a home.

I have homes for all of the babies with my friends and family

Firstly, those family and friends could go to a local animal rescue and offer a homeless animal a chance if they have the space to rescue and save a life. Secondly, the average statistic now shows that people in the UK keep their dog, cat, rabbit, etc for an average time of 2 years before it is re-homed. As the breeder of a litter you have no guarantee that the homes you have in mind will definitely keep that animal for its entire life (10-20 years). You have no power to stop the person passing the animal on and many can end up in terrible situations . Do you think that all the breeders of all the animals in our local rescue centres across Merseyside know that the animals they bred are in such situations? Again, the answer to the overpopulation problem and number of unwanted animals is simple: Do not breed, do neuter!

Will my dog get fat?

Like humans a dogs metabolism can slow down as they age. Most of us don’t have the same figure we had when we were in our youth. And the same goes for our dogs. This is no reason not to neuter. If you feel that your dog may be gaining weight then the answer may be to adjust their food and ensure they are getting plenty of regular exercise.

Will my dogs personality change?

Neutering does not give your dog a personality transplant! You may notice positive behavioural changes that as males will feel more content and relaxed, un-fuelled by testosterone and the tension and stress that can bring. Mounting behaviour will most likely stop. We have known dogs that have been grumpy and snappy towards people or other dogs to have calmed down after neutering. So neutering does not change their personality (they are still the same dog) but in some cases the only changes can be the eradication of negative, unwanted behaviour which can surely only be a positive for you and your dog.

Isn’t it unnatural to neuter? You don’t do it to humans!

The difference is that a conservative estimate of 30,000 dogs in the UK are put to sleep every year as there are simply not enough homes. Rescue centres are at breaking point. Waiting lists for spaces in rescues list hundreds of animals, all needing new homes. Merseyside has one of the highest rates of stray, abandoned and unwanted animals in the country. The situation is out of control and we need to act NOW to prevent the crisis getting worse. There are no figures for the annual destruction of unwanted cats and rabbits and we don’t want to imagine what happens to unwanted small animals. If we all work together we can make a difference but we need you to take responsibility and neuter your pets!

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