Absolutely lovely feedback

Thanks you all very much for helping me with the ferrel cats my kids adopted and let into our home xx not once have you judged us on this situation xx you’ve gone above and beyond with your kind words and your wonderful help and your still helping xx I’ll be forever grateful xx thanks again xx

Jeni Eyres

We have neutered 11 cats so far that Jeni’s family have taken in from the streets. As they were all unneutered adults, the cats have been breeding out of control and left the family with a big problem! Now they are all neutered they are now under control. We have since found a rescue space for the kittens (Thanks to Rescue Me Animal Sanctuary) and Freshfields Animal Rescue have offered space to some of the adults (another big thank you to FAR). We will be helping Jeni and her family to find rescue spaces for the majority of the cats so that she has a manageable amount to look after! We are happy to help Jeni and enjoy working with other charities across Merseyside to help solve this problem for the family and ultimately helping the kitties involved!

We couldn’t do this without the valuable support from our wonderful donors. This is where every penny of your donations goes towards.

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