Missing pets - Microchip them!

Did you know that cats with a microchip are 21 times more likely to reunited with their owner!

So many pets go missing all the time across the UK. With vets, pounds, rescues etc all scanning animals for microchips, your beloved pet would be reunited sooner than you think if they were chipped.

Microchipping is also a deterrent for pet thieves.

It’s heartbreaking looking on so many of the local Facebook pages, such as ‘Scouse pets 2’, with distressed owners desperately searching for their missing dogs, cats, rabbits and ferrets. Just take a moment to think whether your own pet is microchipped with their details fully up to date with the microchip company and if they are not, then take action! Contact your local vet, animal rescue or phone the Dogs Trust 0151 480 0660 (they offer FREE chipping to dogs) and book them in ASAP! Be safe and not sorry!

Remember it is now law to have your dog microchipped with up to date contact details. You can also microchip cats, rabbits and ferrets.

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