Working together

We have recently been helping a family to neuter a large number of cats that they have kindly taken in from the streets and offered shelter to. As the cats weren’t neutered there were kittens upon kittens being produced and the situation was very stressful for the family involved. Rescues are all bursting at the seams and trying to find rescue spaces for some of the cats has been a pretty impossible task.

However, we would like to say a big thank you to Rescue Me Animal Sanctuary for taking in the last of the kittens for rehoming and to Freshfields Animal Rescue who have today taken in one of the adult cats who has suddenly found herself a little victim of bullying from some of the other cats! It’s so nice to work with other charities, everyone coming together to help these cats and the family involved.

We will continue to help the family until all the cats are neutered and the problem is under control! We have so far neutered 11 cats and are seeing the end is in sight!

This is where your kind donations go towards. We are an entirely voluntary run charity and every penny goes towards neutering animals.

The answer lies in neutering, stopping the problem from the source. This takes the pressure off the local animal shelters and in the long run means less animals are dumped, abandoned or even put to sleep due to a lack of homes. There is so much financial help available, especially to neuter cats, so please neuter and don’t let your pet breed… Thank You

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