Five dog neuters in one day!

What a fantastic day for NAIM! Five neuters in one day. Thanks to Crawfords Medivet in Anfield for fitting them all in.
Here’s a picture of just 2 of todays neuters. The lovely Toodles and Snoopy. As 1 Staffy type is put to sleep every hour in the UK (due to over breeding and not enough homes) we are always delighted to help a family neuter any bull breed type dog. This is where your donations go!

Fabio, Pumkin and Buddy (Buddy is Pumpkins dad) were also enjoying being pampered after their operations.

We also neutered Pumkins mum last week too. We were so happy to be able to step in and help this family. Having had an accidental litter, the family were stressed as they now had 3 dogs, 2 males and one female in the house but could not afford the veterinary prices to neuter them all. The whole purpose of our charity is to help people in this situation, we were happy to step in and put your donations towards helping this family and their 3 dogs :)

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